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  • Bums! the Musical (for actors over 16)
  • Bums! Jr. (acting workshop for youth under 16)
Bums the musical, 2015 production

BUMS! (and its youth edition, BUMS! JUNIOR) is a high-energy, hilarious, and thought-provoking musical by Stephen Gashler (creator of TAKE MY DEATH AWAY | A HALLOWEEN MUSICAL and VALHALLA | A NORDIC ROCK OPERA). Produced by Great Hall Theatrical Experiences, both the adult and youth editions will run at the Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork between March 15th - 27th. Rehearsals/workshops will begin on January 18th. Choose an option below for more details.

Adult Audition Form Youth Acting Workshop


In 1929, a daydreaming businessman named Edward feels trapped in his drab routines. Then he crosses paths with a homeless man named Dirty Dan, who shows Edward a world of unstructured freedom. But going against the grain brings on the resistance of Edward’s fiancee, his family, and the corporate world. Why won’t society just let him be a bum?

“I left the theater smiling and hungry for more original pieces like this one. … It’s exciting to see theatre written and produced by local playwrights, and Stephen Gashler shows all the promise of a truly great artist” (Utah Theatre Bloggers).

For questions, contact Teresa Gashler at or at 801-900-3035.

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A daydreaming businessman with a perhaps slightly unrealistic dream of abandoning the rat race and becoming a jazz musician (male).


Edward’s fiancée. According to Edward, her parents aplty named her after the rhubarb plant, as she's stiff, unbendable, and bitter (female).

Mr. Engerman

Edward's emotionally unstable boss who can't bear the thought of losing his favorite employee (male).


Mr. Engerman's weaselly assistant, determined to do whatever it takes to claw his way to the top of the corporate world (male)

Dirty Dan

The legendary king of the bums and all-knowing spirit of the streets (male/female).


Dirty Dana’s unsavory right hand man (male/female)


The unintelligible, not-quite-right-in-the-head completion of the bum trio (female/male).


Edward's zippy and properly concerned mother (female).


Edward's down-to-earth and somewhat sarcastic father (male).


A down-and-out beggar who wishes he could still make something of himself (male/female).


Ready to do what it takes to clean up the streets (male/female).


Determined to turn Edward into a productive member of society (male/female).